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Baston del Rey Tequila is an ultra-premium tequila that is unlike any other tequila you have ever tasted.   Double distilled, it is unique in that only 7 and ½ year agave is used to produce it, and the agave is slow-roasted over Robles (Mexican oak) wood to carmelize the agave sugars and add a hint of smoke.  We don't take any shortcuts, so that your experience will be unforgettable.  

Fantastic for sipping, and incredible in cocktails!

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Finished in our Baston del Rey Extra Añejo barrels.  Complex and well-balanced, each sip starts out as a remarkable aged Canadian whiskey and finishes with the rich butterscotch and caramel flavors from the Extra Añejo barrels.  Take any whiskey cocktail recipe, and turn it into something special!

There is nothing else like it on the market!  

In addition, a $1 donation from each bottle sold goes to The Mustang Project, a 501(c)(3) charity that benefits the wild Mustang horses.

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Chateau de Cabidos wines are made in southwestern region of France.  Their wines are well-regarded and highly rated, well- balanced, with wonderful fruit flavors.  Cabidos wines have been recognized worldwide with a plethora of awards and medals.   

In addition to the wine’s singular excellence, the Maitre de Chai or Cellar Master, is Méo Sakorn-Sériès, who is the only Thai woman to be a director of a vineyard and winery in the whole of France.  We are proud to support this kind of diversity while bringing you some of the best wines in the world.

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